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Upcoming courses on the SME Trade Academy in November 2023.

Botanical products in EU

New course in English: Commercializing Botanical Products in the European Union

As the largest economy in the world, the EU represents an attractive export market for producers of botanical products, whether in the medicinal, cosmetic or food categories. In this course, we will teach you how to successfully go through the steps to commercialize your own products in the EU.

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Start date: 9, September 2024

Duration: 4 hours

Smartphone in women's hand and a laptop on the table

E-Commerce for your B2B Business

This course introduces participants to the opportunities and challenges of becoming involved in B2B e-commerce. It begins with a description of the various reasons why a B2B business might choose to start selling online, before moving on to compare the different channels that it could use to do so.

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Start date: 29, July 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Girl sitting in front of laptop

Empresas Propiedad de Mujeres y Contratación

El presente curso destaca el importante rol jugado por las mujeres en la economía y presenta la necesidad de mejorar la actual situación de las empresas de propiedad de mujeres, a través de las compras públicas.

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Start date: 29, August 2024

Duration: 4 horas en 2 semanas

Resource efficiency and circular production for small and medium businesses

Introduction to Resource Efficiency and Circular Production for SMEs

This course will inform you about the benefits that saving resources, such as energy, water or waste, can offer to your company – both in term of saving costs, developing new business opportunities – and enhancing your company’s environmental footprint.

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Start date: 22, July 2024

Duration: 8 hours over 2 weeks


Introduction à la Blockchain pour le Commerce

Ce cours présente la technologie blockchain aux participants et leur permet d’avoir une compréhension de base de ses principales caractéristiques. Il met évidence la valeur commerciale de la blockchain et l’importance de la technologie pour le commerce international.

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Start date: 9, September 2024

Duration: 4 heures sur 2 semaines

Coffee beans

Introduction to Exporting Coffee

In the international coffee business, credibility is essential when it comes to speaking with buyers, including importers and roasters. These potential buyers frequently receive unsolicited requests and samples from enterprises, small cooperatives and farmers groups that wish to “move up the value chain”.

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Start date: 26, August 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks


Raising Funds for Your Business

With a target audience of SMEs and entrepreneurs, this course gives participants an overview of the processes involved in raising various kinds of funds for their activities.

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Start date: 12, August 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks


Organizing and Implementing Inward and Outward Investment Promotion Missions

This course, aimed at professionals working in Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), is designed to teach the fundamentals of preparing for and delivering both inward and outward investment promotion missions.

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Start date: 9, September 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

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